Finest Chocolate

Our Product range

Our production is divided into various lines, to satisfy any of our customers’ needs in terms of flavours, images, packaging and anniversaries.

Current product lines include:


This is the line designed for the modern channel, colourful and joyful, with original and exclusive products.

Antica Cioccolateria

A line of products aimed at the gourmet channel, with a retro flavour that combines the tradition of fine cocoa with the innovation of shapes and fillings.


All for Easter time! Milk and dark chocolate eggs (from 300g to 8Kg!) with the possibility of personalising the gift to place inside!

For the counter we also have chocolate or confectionary eggs, filled with various flavours, and eggs with fine scarves and wrappings, and so much more!


For the Christmas range, we offer new Cone Snacks in hanging version with hooks to decorate your tree with delicious chocolate!

Custom made products

We are able to create customized wrapping of our products for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel. and for corporate gifts.

We also have the possibility to customize real gift boxes.

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